Today, an article read in a Vietnamese newspaper about the place of French in Vietnamese schools... Students nowadays want to learn only English, which presents an enormous obstacle to the Ministry of Education and Training’s programme aimed at increasing French language education within the national education system.
According to the Ben Tre Education and Training Department, the number of pupils learning French in the 2007-2008 academic year reduced by 1,000, or 16 classes over last year.

What is Songdo? A new software? A new geek toy? A new manga maybe? Nope. It's a U-city project. I can see you in front of your screen "pleaaaaase speak english, you freaky boy". Ok I'm gonna try to explain it. First, I may say that I found this totally randomly on Internet. And it was... amazing at first glance.

I wanted to talk about Yahoo! 360°'s closure rumours. That is a big issue in Viet Nam where 90% of the internet users are using Yahoo! services. But it is also a big question in the Geek world (I poke Marion ^^). Here is the official position of Yahoo! through its CEO Jerry Yang and the comment of one user, Larry Kollar. Nothing to add but that I totally share Larry Kollar's opinion...